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The Inspirations Behind AcuPresence

As a Classical Five Element Acupuncturist I have a deep passion for what’s known as the “Spirit of the Point,” the pure essence of an acupuncture point released into the body when its activated. I believe the heart of ancient acupuncture is the vibrational healing power of the spirit of points.

My deep joy and delight is witnessing people embodying more of their spirit through working with the ancient vibrational medicine at this level.

Soon after I started working with patients, I began feeling the points in my own body intuitively. I could also hear the stuck or blocked energy in a patient’s voice and words as they talked about what was going on with them. As I was receiving this message, I felt the archetype of a point vibrating inside of me, and I sensed that if I activated this point, it would support them in finding harmony and being more in touch with their divinity; their true, authentic nature.

I also became interested in working with the spirit of the points in relationship to an esoteric science I was studying called Human Design. This system generates detailed information calculated by the exact time and place of an individual’s birth.

I began looking at the correlation between my patients’ I Ching hexagrams and the acupuncture points I identified.

My experimentation developed further when I was introduced to the Gene Keys, a related science that explores the DNA of a person’s uniqueness. I became even more intrigued, dove deeply into the practice, and started picking out points related to the I Ching hexagrams most prominent in my patients’ Gene Keys constitutional makeup.

The Gene Keys and Human Design have a strong basis in the I Ching, a sacred oracle developed about 5000 years ago by Fu Xi, originator of the concept of Yin and Yang and of the principles of Classical Acupuncture. This ancient oracle charts the seasons, the five elements, and the cycles of life, and maps out this information in hexagrams, each made up of two trigrams. The binary mathematical code of the makeup of these trigrams is essentially identical to the genetic code of life reflected in our DNA.

Our DNA is connected to the hexagrams that are coded within our body at the moment of our birth. This hexagram map of the five elements is easily accessible via the acupuncture points, which I call the sacred sites in the body.

In the course of hundreds of hours of playing with how points aligned with hexagrams, I discovered a geometric formula for how points matched up with hexagrams based on their elemental components. I created a format in order to share this discovery with friends and patients. This gave birth to I Ching AcuPresence®.

Meanwhile, more and more patients found themselves sensitive to needles, and I came to realize that needles weren’t always necessary. I could accomplish a similar change in the patient’s pulse (showing improved energy flow) using tuning forks or simply intention.

I began talking to my patients more, teaching them about the spirit of the points, encouraging them to go home with tools to treat themselves on their own. I was less interested in doing something to someone so that they felt better, and more inspired to empower people to heal themselves by strengthening their spirit and embodying their uniqueness.

I became passionate about teaching people to utilize the essence of acupuncture as a vibrational medicine. This resulted in individuals taking responsibility for their own healing and self-realization.

For those patients who had little to no interest in the esoteric sciences of the I Ching, Gene Keys, or Human Design, I created treatments specifically for healing their presenting imbalances on more of a medicinal level, thus the birth of the second branch of AcuPresence, Medicinal AcuPresence. This venue of AcuPresence directly addresses the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical needs of the moment.

As AcuPresence has begun its journey into the world, we’ve come to realize that in addition to giving themselves AcuPresence Sessions, many individuals also love to receive and share sessions with others.

In response to this invitation, we have created over 125 hours of Nationally Certified Education Units (CEU’s) ®-PDA-Logo-1-inch-RGB.jpg" alt="" width="164" height="164" srcset="https://acupresence.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/®-PDA-Logo-1-inch-RGB.jpg 300w, https://acupresence.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/®-PDA-Logo-1-inch-RGB-150x150.jpg 150w, https://acupresence.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/®-PDA-Logo-1-inch-RGB-180x180.jpg 180w" sizes="(max-width: 164px) 100vw, 164px" />trainings and courses. These courses offer a variety of live and online opportunities for those in the Healing Arts to participate in this new yet ancient healing art. Practitioners can learn to utilize AcuPresence in conjunction with their current healing art, for example, during a traditional acupuncture session, massage/body work, counseling session, sound healing, or at the end of a yoga/movement class.

AcuPresence is a living and evolving healing art that is constantly expanding and growing. Just like all of us, its journey is mysterious and its destination unknown. My prayer is that it flows organically and freely to all who may benefit from receiving the loving quintessence of AcuPresence.