Feb 11

AcuPresence Sacred Sites of Sensuality

AcuPresence Sacred Sites of Sensuality

AcuPresence reveals the magic of the vibrational frequencies of acupuncture points. As a vibrational medicine it invites you into the Sacred Temple of your body to explore these Sacred Sites (acupuncture points).

This healing art is a tool for awakening and grounding higher frequencies into the body. I’ve often been challenged with how I can best deliver it to the world. I’ve continued to trust and trust over the years as the whispers of this magic have caressed the nuances of my consciousness.

As I was contemplating this this morning, waiting for my room to warm up on this 27-degree morning, I found myself intuitively attuning with and awakening Sacred Sites on my body. I was deeply reminded of my body being a sacred vessel for the Divine. It wants to express this mystery. It is designed to awaken to all aspects of our divinity and our Sacred Sites are doorways to the magic of sensual and sexual pleasure.

I’d like to share the 7 Sacred Sites I attuned with this morning. You’ll find the AcuPoint Synopsis pages below. They provide pertinent information about the points.

The magic of AcuPresence is revealed by simply activating* the point with your awareness or hand, and attuning to its frequency by intoning its Invocation. You can better attune to the vibrational signature of the point by reading about its Essence, speaking the Invocation and then feeling this Divine energy awaken in your body. There are times when it’s important to press directly on the point, yet in this case, its fine to simply focus your consciousness on the approximate area.

* The first two points, Meeting of Yin (CV.1) and Yang Strength (GV.1) can be activated by simply contracting and releasing the perineum and anus.

Storyline Invocation

This is a mantra that weaves the Invocations for the 7 Sacred Sites illustrated below.

My vital life force (GV.1) and my feminine power (CV.1) unite with vital qi (CV.6), as my Gate of Life (GV.4), opens my heart (CV.17), and I feel (CV.22) my wholeness and deep peace (GV.20).


Begin by attuning your consciousness to Meeting of Yin (CV.1) and Long Strength (GV.1), allowing this energy to move up your spine as it merges with Gate of Life (GV.4) and Sea of Qi (CV.6), flowing up through your throat at Heaven Rushing Out and on up through One Hundred Meetings.

All of these points are located on the energy channel of our Kundalini. Invite the flow of this sacred kundalini to move up your spine as the acupoints awaken their higher frequencies. As you awaken these energies you may find your body undulating like a serpent.

Enjoy the magic!