Jan 22

Suns Transits thru the Hexagrams

I Ching Acupresence offers us a tool to experience a deeper embodiment of the hexagrams.

For years I’ve found it profound to work with the acupuncture points directly related to my Gene Keys Profile. As of late, I’ve been working with the acupoints associated to the sun’s transit as it moves thru the cosmos, this represents 70% of the neutrinos flowing thru all of humanity.

I’m intrigued with the probability of raising my frequency as well as the vibration of the collective neutrino field simply by attuning to the higher frequencies of the acupoints. Magic is revealing!


Every week we offer a zoom videoconference call reviewing the I Ching Hexagram of the suns transit and locate the acupuncture points associated with the hexagram as the I Ching AcuPresnece PDF that guides you thru all 6 associated acupoints. Have fun dancing with the universe if you’re inspired! . You can access this information here: