Mar 22

Spring and the Wood Element

The Wood element is associated with Spring, the season of planting seeds and new growth. Hopeful, colorful, and exuberant, it represents birth and regeneration. Wood’s corresponding meridians are the Liver and Gall Bladder. People with well-developed Wood energy have a clear sense of purpose. They excel at making decisions, setting goals, planning, and following through.

The Wood element in balance is creative, flexible, vigorous, and visionary. It surges forward with efficiency and determination, unhindered as it adapts to any obstacles it meets. Wood out of balance can be indecisive, stuck, and procrastinating, or overly controlling and pushing too hard. It may feel frustrated and angry, or shut down and hopeless. Physical signs of liver meridian stress include migraines, eye or sinus problems, hernia, genital rash or discharge, menstrual distress, and uterine fibroids.