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  • I Ching AcuPresence Hexagrams 1-32 Quiz (CEU)

Now that you’ve completed the Worksheet, you are ready for the quiz. You must correctly answer 7 out of 10 questions to pass.
  1. Hexagram 7 is comprised of the trigrams of:1
  2. Which Hexagrams title is referred to as ‘Rationalizing’?1
  3. Leg Three Miles and Meridian Gutter are acupuncture points that are associated to Hexagram _____ .1
  4. What Hexagram is comprised of the trigrams fire above and fire below and whose DNA is connected to the amino acid arginine.1
  5. Amidst Elegance is a _______ for several Hexagrams.1
  6. Heaven Rushing Out is the Window to Heaven Point for Hexagrams _____ .1
  7. What Hexagram is comprised of wood above, metal below and the Physiology associated with the DNA is the sacral plexus.1
  8. Very Great Abyss is the Source Point for Hexagram ______.1
  9. Utmost Source is the AcuPresence Core Stability Point for ___________.1
  10. The Window to Heaven acupuncture point for Hexagram 26 is ____________.1
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