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Now that you’ve completed the Worksheet, you are ready for the quiz. You must correctly answer 7 out of 10 questions to pass.
  1. If a patient presents with frustration, lacks a sense of purpose and is experiencing headaches, which of the following set of points would best support them?1
  2. The ____________ role in the sustainable ecosystem of the body is to support us in feeling connection, love, forgiveness, and compassion and gives us the skills for intuitive listening.1
  3. If you or your patient were feeling hopelessness, an absence of spiritual connection and a lack of ambition, what Element would you primarily want to support with the Acupuncture Points introduced in this course?1
  4. Which acupuncture point helps us see the beauty and grace within and fills us with inner peace and self-respect?1
  5. The primary sounds and emotions associated with the Earth Element are:1
  6. Which meridian’s pathway runs from the big toe to side of chest?1
  7. If a patient presents with lack of energy, digestive issues and heavy menstrual pain, which of the following set of points do you feel might best support her?1
  8. What meridian represents the Official in Charge of Transportation and Distribution?1
  9. Which sacred site is a place where we can rest in stillness, discern what’s in our highest good, and is the Metal point on its meridian?1
  10. Which Element in our body’s sustainable ecosystem gives us the ability to let go of what no longer serves in our body, mind and spirit, and to open to receive new inspiration and guidance?1
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