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  • Fire Element and Spirit of the Points Quiz (non-CEU)

Now that you’ve completed the Worksheet, you are ready for the quiz. You must correctly answer 7 out of 10 questions to pass.
  1. The metal points on the fire meridians are:1
  2. The sounds and emotions associated with the fire element are:1
  3. Which fire meridian pathway runs from the temple to 3rd finger?1
  4. Which point is located next to the finger nail on a fire meridian.1
  5. The name of a Window to Heaven point on a fire meridian is _________ .1
  6. What meridian represents the Official in Charge of Circulation:1
  7. The fire element fortifies:1
  8. Which of the following meridians is a yin fire meridian?1
  9. The fire points on the Fire meridians include:1
  10. What point harmonizes chest pain, jaundice and morning sickness?1
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