The Wood Element and Spirit of the Points Course (non-CEU)

The Wood Element and Spirit of the Points Course (non-CEU)

PDF Training Manual, 25 pgs

12 Acupoint Synopsis Pages


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The Wood Element and the Spirit of the Points

Each of the Five Elements represents a part of the body’s sustainable ecosystem. In this course we will review the keynotes of earth, with its associated meridians and acupuncture points. An acupoint is a sacred site where we can access specific vibrational frequencies. The spirit of each point is symbolized by a mythological archetype. This course provides an in-depth look at 10 acupuncture points on the wood element meridians by exploring their unique essence, energetic qualities, precise location, medicinal virtues, and indications for usage. Course material is provided in a PDF handbook.

Goals and Objectives

Identify attributes of the wood element and their associated meridians.

Distinguish the specific roles of the yin and yang meridian officials.

Learn about the Spiritual Essence of acupuncture points on the wood element.

Choose appropriate points for treatment that address the emotional and spiritual needs of a patient.

Create treatment protocols for the Wood element for their medicinal virtues (spiritual) as well as those indicated by for symptoms.