Upper Kidney Meridian Spirit of the Points Course (CEU)


Spirit of Upper Kidney Points

3 CEU/PDA’s (Category Core), 3 (Category 1)

PDF Training Handbook



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AcuPresence® is a transformative healing art in which the primary focus in treatment planning is in working with the spiritual essence of acupuncture points. The Upper Kidney Points are the most powerful, effective points for revitalizing and strengthening the spirit. Located on the water meridian, they are located on the chest over the heart, which is associated with fire. These points alchemically address the relationship between and fire and water, the first two elements of creation, yin and yang. They call up the deepest reserves of spiritual Qi and serve to maintain balance and harmony of yin and yang. Discover the spiritual essence, indications for treatment and medicinal virtues. Course material is provided in a PDF handbook and includes 7 AcuPresence® Acupoint Synopsis Pages.