On-line Session with Alaya

Work privately with Alaya DeNoyelles. This initial session is offered in-person or on-line in our videoconference room. It is for those who want to take a deep dive into their own pure potential. We will review your current medicinal needs and contemplate their connection to your genetic DNA through the lenses of the Gene Keys and Human Design.


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Are you ready to dive into your pure potential, discover where your DNA lies dormant, and live your passion and purpose?

Alaya is a Five Element Acupuncturist, the originator of AcuPresence® and a Gene Key Ambassador. She combines her embodied wisdom and knowledge from 25 years as a healing professional with AcuPresence®.

Alaya brings her presence, generosity of spirit, and deep compassion into her healing practice, holding a coherent space for healing and transformation to occur.

AcuPresence® is an invitation to awaken and align with your divine blueprint. Alaya blends the magic of AcuPresence, Five Element Acupuncture, and the genetic map of your DNA to facilitate your healing session.

Classical Five Element Acupuncture treatments are also available for those not called to working with AcuPresence.

Your session will support you to:

  • Restore your vibrant health
  • Align with your higher purpose
  • Harmonize blocked Qi (life force) in your body
  • Reconcile inner conflict or turmoil
  • Heal past emotional, mental and physical trauma
  • Experience inner peace, grace and love

Prior to your live call Alaya will review your Questionnaire, calculate your Gene Key Golden Path, a map of your DNA.

During your videoconference session, you will explore with Alaya what’s currently presenting in your life in relation to your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being. You’ll discuss your needs and desires with Alaya. Together you explore what is most important to you now, and what changes will be beneficial. Alaya observes, listens, attunes to your energy and contemplates how you can best be nourished and supported in returning to your full natural joy, purpose, and vitality.

You may review your Gene Key Profile together, and she will introduce you to the archetypal patterns that may be blocking the natural manifestation of your genius, and how you might transform these patterns into their highest potential.

Alaya will provide all the guidance, suggestions and materials you need to facilitate your own personal series of healing sessions.

On-line Session Includes:

  • Live on-line Session with Alaya DeNoyelles ~ 90 Minutes: Includes 50 Minutes Live together and 40 minutes assessment and follow up by Alaya.
  • Personalized Healing Protocol Handbook specifically crafted to meet your current needs. This includes a set of Acupoint Synopsis Pages detailing the healing potential of each prescribed Acupoint.
  • AcuPresence Instruction Manual.
  • Personalized Healing Protocols, Gene Keys Golden Path, guidelines and treatment suggestions will be emailed to you within 72 hours after your on-line session.


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