Combined AcuPresence Consultation

This 90-minute session is offered on-line or in person in Ashland, Oregon. It is for those who want to take a deep dive into their own pure potential.. We will review your current medicinal needs and contemplate their connection to your genetic DNA via the Gene Keys and Human Design.


Acupresence Sessions are now being offered on-ine via Zoom and in person in Ashland, Oregon.

This session is for those who want to take a deep dive into their own pure potential which AcuPresence can help unlock. Looking at and contemplating your current medicinal needs along with your genetic DNA via the I Ching hexagrams and Gene Keys can reveal a life-changing path of healing and awakening.

Prior to your live call Alaya will review your Questionnaire, calculate and review your Gene Keys Profile and Human Design Body graph. In your AcuPresence Medicinal and I Ching consultation, you will discuss with Alaya what’s currently presenting in your life in relation to your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. You will also review an overview of your Human Design Chart and/or Gene Keys, and explore what I Ching Hexagrams are currently most significant to you and how you might benefit from working with them.

AcuPresence Consultation Includes:

  • Live Session with Alaya DeNoyelles ~ 90 Minutes
  • Personalized Medicinal AcuPresence Protocol Handbook specifically crafted to meet your current needs. This includes a set of Acupoint Synopsis Pages detailing the healing potential of each prescribed Acupoint.
  • Medicinal AcuPresence Instruction Manual.
  • Personalized set of I Ching AcuPresence Protocol Handbooks for 4 significant I Ching Hexagrams relative to your date of birth.
  • I Ching AcuPresence Instruction Manual.
  • Attunement Session Guidelines and treatment suggestions will be emailed to you within 24 hours after consultation.


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