I Ching Hexagram Handbooks Complete set

This is the full set of 64 I Ching Hexagram AcuPresence Protocol Handbooks. Each of the 22-page Handbooks contain Keynote Overviews of the hexagram along with the Acupoint Synopsis Pages for the 6 associated acupoints.


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There are 64 I Ching AcuPresence Handbooks, one corresponding with each of the 64 I Ching hexagrams. Each of the  22-page I Ching AcuPresence Handbook eBooks contain a Keynote Overview of one of the 64 hexagrams through the lenses of three mystical sciences: the I Ching, the Gene Keys, and Human Design. The handbook will assist you in incorporating the higher frequencies of the hexagram in your life.

Your Hexagram Handbook contains an Acupoint Synopsis Page for each of its 6 acupoints. It presents all the information you need about the acupoint and how to work with it. This page details the acupoint’s connection to the hexagram, its Medicinal Virtues, and its location on the body. You are also given an Invocation, which delivers the essential  frequency of the acupoint deeply into your bodymind.

You are guided in choosing the acupoints that can best serve you in this moment, and suggestions are made for how you might incorporate the healing protocol into your life. Attunement instructions and session guidelines are provided.

Each Handbook is downloaded as an eBook to be viewed on your devices or printed out.

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