I Ching AcuPresence® Hexagrams 1-32 Course (non-CEU)

 I Ching AcuPresence® Hexagrams 1-33 Course (non-CEU)

PDF Training Handbook, 325 pgs


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The ancient oracle of the I Ching charts the seasons, elements, and cycles of life; it maps out this information in hexagrams. The binary code of the makeup of these hexagrams is essentially identical to the genetic code of life reflected in our DNA that’s mapped into our body at the moment of birth. This hexagram map of the five elements encoded within our body is accessible via the meridian system and acupuncture points. This training empowers you to practice the alchemy of using acupuncture in conjunction with the esoteric sciences of the I Ching, Gene Keys, and Human Design. This course provides the keynotes for I Ching Hexagrams 1-33 and the six associated acupuncture points. The I Ching AcuPresence® Course is prerequisite. Course material is a 325 pg PDF Handbook.

Course Objectives

Learn the Keynotes of the two trigrams that comprise each Hexagram.

Discover the I Ching hexagrams relationship to DNA and how the acupuncture points are directly related.

Learn the attributes of the DNA associated to each Hexagram.

Facilitate treatments created primarily for the spirit of acupuncture points, their medicinal virtues and healing qualities.