I Ching AcuPresence 2-Day Training

September 15-16, 2018

I Ching AcuPresence® is a contemplative healing practice used in conjunction with the esoteric sciences of the I Ching and the Gene Keys.



I Ching AcuPresence 2-Day Training 

Sept 15-16, 2018 | Victoria, BC  |  10:00-6:00 

Would you like to have a direct and conscious relationship with your DNA, to your souls original impulse?

Join us in a 2-Day exploration I Ching AcuPresence®, a blend of the transformative healing art of AcuPresence® with the mystical science of The Gene Keys.

This blend of ancient wisdom is a contemplative healing practice supports your path of awakening and serves as a doorway to transforming your DNA. AcuPresence® guides you into your internal sacred landscape and the Gene Keys provides you with the compass and map!

  • Discover and utilize the ancient connection between Five Element Acupuncture, the I Ching and your DNA.
  • Get the tools your birth data gives you to navigate your genetic map to fulfill your life destiny.
  • Discover the I Ching hexagrams relationship to DNA and how to calculate which hexagrams and sets of acupuncture points are directly related to your birth data.
  • Learn how to locate and activate Sacred Sites (acupuncture points) on the body without needles.
  • Learn how to facilitate an I Ching AcuPresence Session on yourself for self-healing as well as in your professional practice.

14 CEU’s to the Healing Professional are available for an additional $33. Inquire for details.

Pre-Registration is required. Class is limited to 12.

Learn more and register @ AcuPresence.com

or call 808.652.5808

A limited number of Scholarships are available for those in need.

Alaya has done a remarkable thing in combing Classical Chinese Medicine, with the spiritual practice of contemplation. I encourage you to enter this new yet ancient field of AcuPresence with a spirit of commitment and play… the human body and its DNA harbor undiscovered secrets… open your heart and mind and step through the portal of AcuPresence…the miracle of self-healing is in your hands. I have found the results to be quick and powerful. ― Richard Rudd, Devon, England

Brilliant!  Alaya combines the wisdom of acupuncture, gene keys and, I ching, creating a way for users to access their essences and acupuncture points that contribute to their journeys of self development.  This was one of the most powerful workshops on self healing I’ve attended. I can’t imagine my life without it. ― Simone Gers, Tucson, AZ

AcuPresence took my experiment of living my Design to a whole new level. It’s a powerful tool to integrate higher frequency in a very simple yet profound way― Ava, Kauai, HI


CANCELLATION POLICY: 100% refund minus $25 fee for all refunds at least 14 days before the training. No refunds thereafter.