AcuPresence® Immunity Protocols and Spirit of the Points Course (non-CEU)

Immunity Protocols and Spirit of the Points Course (non-CEU)

PDF Training Handbook, 40 pgs

20 Acupoint Synopsis Pages


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AcuPresence® is a healing art in which a primary focus in treatment planning is in working with the spirit of acupuncture points. The protocols offered in this course address prevalent, chronic and current immune challenges, and offers healing protocols for boosting and maintaining a healthy immune system. The Healthy Immunity Protocol categorizes groups of acupuncture points that have been found to be directly effective in resolving specific immune challenges. This course provides 20 AcuPresence Acupoint Synopsis Pages that explore the points unique essence, energetic qualities, precise location, medicinal virtues, and indications for usage. Immunity Treatment protocols are given. Course material is provided in a 40 pg PDF downloadable handbook.