AcuPresence® Chakra Protocol and Spirit of the Points Course (non-CEU)

Chakra Protocol and Spirit of the Points (non-CEU)

PDF Training Handbook, 27 pgs

8 Acupoint Synopsis Pages


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Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning disk or wheel. In the body there are seven main chakras or energy centers, the gateways of Kundalini (Qi, life force), which circulate through the meridians. There are acupuncture points along the meridian system that are directly related to the chakras. In this AcuPresence Protocol, we explore the sacred energies of the seven major chakras, their keynotes and attributes. This course provides an in-depth look at the related acupuncture points on the chakra’s by exploring their unique essence, energetic qualities, precise location, medicinal virtues, and indications for usage. This course teaches you how to facilitate AcuPresence Chakra Sessions. Course material is provided in a beautiful 27 page PDF handbook.

Course Objectives

Learn which acupuncture points are directly related to each of the 7 major chakras.

Identify 6 attributes of each of the 7 chakras.

Learn which meridians and glands are associated with each chakra.

Create treatment protocols and facilitate sessions for harmonizing the chakras.