Private Consultations

  • Medicinal AcuPresence Consultation


    Get your personal AcuPresence healing prescription and receive a custom self-healing protocol handbook based on your specific needs and goals. Alaya prescribes a personalized set of acupoints and emails you these, along with all the information you will need for your AcuPresence healing sessions.

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    I Ching AcuPresence Consultation

    $150.00 $120.00

    Your private session will begin with a brief introduction to AcuPresence, the I Ching and the Gene Keys. Next, we will explore the unique genetic makeup of your DNA through the I Ching Hexagrams reflected in your Hologenetic Profile or Body Graph. We will discuss how this is being reflected and experienced in your current life situation.

  • Combined AcuPresence Consultation


    This 60-minute session is for those who want to take a deep dive into their own pure potential which AcuPresence has the power to unlock. We will review your current medicinal needs and contemplate how they connect with your genetic DNA via the I Ching hexagrams.

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    AcuPresence Follow-Up Consultation


    This 20-minute session is perfect for you if you’ve already had an initial consult and need additional support with something in your life. This can be approached through the lens of Medicinal or I Ching AcuPresence.