Weekly Videoconference Attunement Call

I Ching Hexagram and AcuPresence Sacred Sites

Do you wanna dance with the universe?

Every 6ish days the sun cycles through a specific I Ching Hexagram. This flow through the hexagrams represent the flow of the Tao, Source, God, Magic… This cosmic dance naturally flows within us as well. Harmonizing the  acupuncture points associated with the hexagram gives us a tool to dance with the higher frequency’s of the Universe.

We meet from 12-1:00 on Wednesdays in our Zoom VideoConference room, LINK.

We spend about 30 minutes reviewing the keynotes of the I Ching Hexagram, locate the 6 associated acupuncture points/sacred sites. You are then guided thru a meditative attunement to the points.The last half of the call is for questions and contemplations.

All are welcome! Hope to see you there!

If it’s your first time on the call you may want to review these links:

How to locate acupuncture points

What is I Ching AcuPresence?

I Ching AcuPresence Instruction Manual

If you can’t make the call, you can download this AcuPresence I Ching Handbook with the keynotes and associated acupoints for this week.

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