Feb 12

Working with Alaya

Are you ready to dive into your pure potential, discover where your DNA lies dormant, unlock your full vibrant radiance, and live your passion and purpose?

Alaya is a Five Element Acupuncturist, the originator of AcuPresence® and a Gene Key Ambassador. Her passion and expertise are in working with acupuncture as a vibrational medicine. Alaya’s unique gift is to engage the transformative power of healing by working with the “Spirit” of acupuncture points, releasing their magical vibrational frequency when activated.

She combines her embodied wisdom and knowledge from 25 years as a healing professionalwith AcuPresence®, a healing practice that she developed based in Classical Chinese Medicine, the ancient oracle of the I Ching, and the universal principle of vibration.

Alaya brings her presence, generosity of spirit, and deep compassion into her healing practice, holding a coherent space for healing and transformation to occur.

She received the transmission for Acupresence® when she was deeply immersed in study and contemplation of the Gene Keys, a brilliant body of work rooted in the the I Ching. The Gene Keys Golden Path reveals your divine blueprint, which is coded in your DNA.

After a decade of exploration, Alaya discovered the precise mathematical connection between the I Ching and acupuncture points.

The I Ching charts the seasons, the five elements, and the cycles of life; it maps out this information in hexagrams. The binary mathematical code of the makeup of these hexagrams is essentially identical to the genetic code of life reflected in your DNA, mapped into your body at the moment of birth. This hexagram map of the five elements encoded within your body is easily accessible via the energy meridian system and acupuncture points.

AcuPresence® is an invitation to awaken and align with your divine blueprint by working with the Spirit of the acupuncture points related to your DNA.

Alaya blends the magic of AcuPresence, Five Element Acupuncture, and the genetic map of your DNA to facilitate your healing session.

Prior to your session you and Alaya will discuss your interests and needs. Alaya will calculate your Gene Key Golden Path, a map of your DNA. During your session she will share a brief introduction to this map if you desire.

During your in-person or videoconference session, you will explore with Alaya what’s currently presenting in your life in relation to your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being. You’ll discuss your needs and desires with Alaya. Together you explore what is most important to you now, and what changes will be beneficial. Alaya observes, listens and attunes to your energy, contemplating how you can best be nourished and supported in returning to your full natural joy, purpose, and vitality.

You may then review your Gene Key Profile together, and she will introduce you to the archetypal patterns that may be blocking the natural manifestation of your genius, and how you might transform these patterns into their highest potential.

Like a traditional acupuncture session, your in-person treatment is facilitated with needles, or if preferred, tuning forks, acupoint stimulator, moxabustion or another tool to activate the points.

At the close of the session, Alaya will provide you with information that will support you in your further integration of the healing experience.

In your on-line videoconference session, Alaya will provide all the guidance and materials you need to facilitate your own personal series of healing sessions.

Sessions are $90/hour. Sessions are 60-90 minutes.