Jan 13

Immune Support

Are you finding a need to boost your Immune System during these winter days?

Winter is a time for us to be inner, quiet, hybernating, contemplative, a time to be building our inner reserves, nourishing our Kidney Jing Qi… for many of us this is not always possible as we need to be out in the elements, working etc… our immune system can suffer.

Nourishing ourselves is imperative in keeping our health and spirits vibrant. I’m offering you some of my favorite acupuncture points/sacred sites that I’ve been loving up lately!

For flu, cold, fever symptoms I love Great Hammer, Crooked Pond, Blazing Valley and Joining of the Valleys.

For tender, sore throat and congestion I recommend Heaven Rushing Out, People Welcome, Joining of the Valley’s and Storehouse.

Below you’ll find the Acupoint Synopsis Pages for these points. The best way to choose the points you’d like to activate and attune with is to read about them and feel into your body’s needs. To benefit from their gifts you can simply press on the point, activate it with a tuning fork, essential oil or however you’re inspired. Attune to its frequency by repeating its invocation, send this love out into your body and invite your body to come into the vibrant resonance of the point.  Adhering an AcuPresence Attunement Seed to the point reminds you to go back to the sacred site and reactivate it again and again. If you don’t have any seeds on hand you can receive our Free offering of AcuPresence Attunement Seeds.

Sending Blessings of Love and well-being to you as you continue on your magical journey.