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Gene Keys Embodiment: The Magic of AcuPresence, by Midi Berry

If you have what in Gene Keys language is a ‘one-line wound’, you may empathise with my long-time dilemma: my one-line core and attractor’s capacity to repress can sabotage me at ground floor level.

Each of the Gene Keys lines offers a particular archetypal challenge*. My two lines dance in denial of what I don’t want to accept; my singleton three line can outdo Houdini in order to escape shame; my four lines can play the rejection game to perfection, while my solitary five line struggles with guilt, and my distant six line isolates itself from all such human fallibility.

Yet how can I begin to know what to deny, escape, reject, avoid or absent myself from, when my wakeful one lines conspire to repress and hide my own felt experience from me? They can batten down my inner hatches so tightly, I even miss any well-meaning friends’ nudges to wake up.

If these words resonate with you, read on! I have good news for all us repressed one lines (and all the other lines too) about a magic doorway I have walked through into physical activation and embodiment of Gene Keys!

It’s called I Ching AcuPresence.

The Magic of AcuPresence

Have you met Alaya DeNoyelles? If not, you have a treat in store! Connecting with my ‘randomly selected’ Gene Keys Ambassador buddy, Alaya, has been one of many delights unfolding in my life, since I reverted to believing in magic.

Did I say random? Hah! Some wise part of me must already have known that Alaya has treasures to offer. I bought her book, AcuPresence: A Healing Vibrational Art, before the Ambassador Program brought us together. Perhaps that purchase gave fate a push to twin us as buddies, although at the time I assumed it was pure chance…

AcuPresence did not initially attract me for itself, although I did sense its high frequency. I have little experience of acupuncture and rarely learn ‘how to’s’ through reading.  I bought the book because I appreciated Alaya’s open-handed free sharing of beautifully presented resources in our Gene Keys community and I felt her generosity deserved to be reciprocated.

Signing up to her two-day AcuPresence course was a way to meet Alaya in person and support my  Ambassador buddy in her venture.  In truth, I didn’t feel like attending a course on anything just then. Several months of working through mononucleosis (aka glandular fever) had taken a toll. I felt exhausted and just wanted rest and relaxation.

An Unexpected Breakthrough

As I walked into Ojai’s Somatic Sanctuary, I looked for a place to sleep at the back. No chance! The seating arrangement offered nowhere to hide! 



My heart sank as Alaya announced we would start with a guided meditation! I smiled outwardly and froze inwardly. Guided group meditation? Please no! However much I might try to relax, my being whispered ‘stay on alert, be ready to flee at a hint of danger and places I don’t want to go’. Past lifetimes of persecution, collective ancestral memories and a dysfunctional childhood in this life had left me wary…

I told myself to ‘play the game’ in support of my buddy. I shut my eyes and – as usual – left my body.

Then something unexpected and mysterious happened.

Was it Alaya’s gentle voice tone that conveyed a message: “It’s OK. You’re safe here. You can relax”? Was it the atmosphere of that healing sanctuary on a quiet Saturday morning. Was it simply that I had finally become tired of a lifetime spent spooking myself with imaginary shadows?

Whatever the reason, I suddenly found myself back in a recurrent childhood dream:

“I am a twelve year old Dutch boy in a field of golden corn. The sun shines in a blue sky and I am at one with my world, feeling totally at peace. Then the sky darkens. A droning sound fills my ears. I look up as planes fly over me. I hear a whistling sound and my world goes black.”

I’ve wondered many times about this dream. Was it a past life experience? Were my cells reliving an inherited collective nightmare imprinted in me as a baby or even in the womb? I was born just after WW2 ended, in a land and to a mother who had lost close family to the war, and spent years in fear of invasion and annihilation from the air herself. Then again, perhaps the dream offered symbolic representation of childhood physical abuse. All or none of the above?

Looking back now, I don’t know. And for the first time, I no longer feel pressure to understand. Many years on the dream had at last yielded its deeper meaning: subliminal terror of obliteration had led me to lock myself out of my own body for safety since early childhood.

Listening to Alaya through the day of AcuPresence instruction that followed this breakthrough, I felt both apprehensive and excited. I sense myself on the edge of reconnecting with my physical being. I won’t offer any course principles here, or describe how it weaves together seamlessly ancient and modern wisdom systems of I Ching, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Human Design, Epigenetics and Gene Keys. You can Google ‘Alaya DeNoyelles’ or ‘AcuPresence’ and find her YouTubes and other resources online.

I will share my second epiphany in this one weekend course. It came on Day Two.

Locating and Activating Gene Key 59

I had selected GK59 for my personal focus. What better choice for a one line core wound, whose path to healing is through cultivating self honesty? 


I had other reasons for selecting the key. In addition to giving me some personal two-line 59 shadow IQ headaches over the years, I’ve also watched this archetype influence our Gene Keys field strongly.

Gene Key 59 does not have to be in our personal profile to challenge us all: the Dishonesty of its shadow frequency lies deep within our collective memory and genes. Ancestral imprints of self deception for survival still keep entire communities around the world stubbornly hard-wired.

It may take our species many lifetimes with GK59 to transmute our collective Dishonesty into Transparency through the path of Intimacy. When we do, the 59’s bio-feedback loop role will be complete and it will have helped its programming partner, Gene Key 55 to unlock the door to Freedom.



With professional acupuncturists among our course participants, I expected to lag in our practical sessions on Day Two. Yet Alaya facilitated different experience levels with skill and diplomacy. My first solo self-attunement session was surprisingly easy and enjoyable. The choice of Gene Key may have helped, for my body was already primed: the 59 Core Point and Energy Centre had been activated during Day One’s guided meditation, with our focus on that most deeply feminine of acupoints: ‘Meeting of Yin’.

Alaya’s research gives us access into exquisite ancient Chinese stories associated with the different acupoints. I enjoyed reviewing her descriptions of the Essence, Medicinal Virtues and Category of each of the six acupoints associated with GK59, before deciding which ones I’d work with. Her use of the original Chinese acupuncture names for these points also adds a pleasing aesthetic frequency.

Curiously, ‘Amidst Elegance’, did not instantly speak to me. Yet, as I studied the location image, I noticed my hand automatically reaching for those spaces between first and second rib, below my clavicle, on either side of my centre point. This Spirit acupoint seemed to be calling out for attention. Preoccupied with identifying its exact physical location on my body, I forgot in the moment to review its description. Massaging the point felt gently relieving.

The 59 Vesica Point was instantly accessible in the palm of my hand and I loved its invocation:  “In the Palace of Weariness, I am revitalised and nourished in every cell of my body and my heart sings.”

Yes please!

The Window to Heaven point called ‘Heavenly Pillar’ at the base of the occipital bone in my neck sounded equally appealing and almost as easy to locate. “At Heavenly Pillar I move forward with courage and fresh, clear inspiration.”

Oh good!

With three AcuPresence points located and activated, I reviewed their descriptions again. My body was responding to this focused physical attention. I could feel new energy stirring in me.


My second breakthrough was as unexpected and surprising as the first. It came when I followed steps to create a ‘Storyline’. This is where you sum up and distil the essence of your self-attunement session, through weaving together key invocation elements from each point into a single coherent narrative.

I identified three single phrases quickly, without conscious thought. Wrote them down. Read them aloud. Reread them. And felt high voltage electricity course through my body.

“When I respect the beauty and grace within me, I am nourished in every cell of my body and move forward with fresh inspiration.”

That elusive Spirit Point invocation phrase from Amidst Elegance, which I had missed the first time round, now leaped out at me from the storyline: Respect the beauty and grace within me.



When in my life had I ever focused on, much less respected my beauty and grace within? Never that I can remember!

I don’t know how long I sat, bemused, pondering. Am I beautiful and graceful within?

Heck yes! Suddenly I opened to accept the grace I was being offered. Self-respect, inner peace and tranquillity.

The Practice of Self Love

Asking and expecting nothing from it, my AcuPresence weekend course nonetheless yielded a bountiful treasure, through a simple recipe for transformation: discover and wake up my body by activating my Gene Keys acupoints and open to respecting my beauty and grace within.

Since the course, I’m enjoying a new embodied relationship with my IQ 59 and also beginning to work with other Gene Keys in an AcuPresence way. Months later, I feel more anchored in my physical body than before. Tiny miracles illuminate my path and I’m experiencing a new rush of creativity. I’ve seen tangible improvements in health and vitality, and my service in the world feels light and fun.

Alaya describes AcuPresence as a “practice of self love” in which “the key ingredient is your presence.” Applying the gift of Intimacy to myself and offering my experience with our community here are small steps on that 59 journey to personal and collective Transparency.

Thanks Alaya! Thanks, AcuPresence! Thanks Gene Keys!


(*Lines in Gene Keys can be found by referring to the number to the right of the decimal point in your Gene Keys profile. If you are new to Gene Keys, you will find a useful summary of the basic archetypes associated with the lines here.”)


 Midi Berry

Midi Berry is an author, consultant and philanthropist who has lived and worked in five continents. She wore many different identities before settling in the Santa Monica Mountains of California with rock musician husband Mark and cat OJ. Midi has been a student of Gene Keys since 2010. From 2015, she devoted two pro bono years to setting up The Gene Keys Society. She is currently secretary to the Society’s Custodial Council, and oversees the Philanthropy Hub and Special Projects.

Midi’s passions include Corsica, historical research and novel writing, indigenous music and a far-stretched family of children and grandchildren. She is available for fun and Gene Keys global adventures!