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AcuPresence® eLearning Course Instructions


Thank you for welcoming AcuPresence® into your life!

Our courses have been designed to support you in an integrative and enjoyable learning experience. You will be guided through your experience with the following documents.

The Training Material

On the my course page, click on the Training Material links to access course materials. Once you’ve read, contemplated and absorbed the course materials, click the complete lesson button to go to the the course worksheet.

The Worksheet

The course worksheet is a set of questions intended to promote reflection, contemplation and research to assist you in absorbing the course materials. After completion, submit your answers. This worksheet is not graded for your answers, only completion. Once completed, you’ll have the option to move on to the next lesson, course quiz.

If you don’t complete the worksheet and want to save for later, click “Save and Finish Later”. You’ll be able to return to complete that worksheet at any time.

The Quiz

Each quiz is a combination of multiple-choice and/or true/false questions. The quiz is graded automatically, with 70% as a passing score. If you do not pass the quiz your first time, you will have the option to retake the quiz once. Once you’re satisfied with your answers to the quiz, click “Submit Answers.”

If you don’t complete all the questions and want to save for later, click “Save and Finish Later”. You’ll be able to return to complete the quiz at any time.

Course Completion

Congratulations! Once you’ve passed the quiz, you will receive an email with a link to your NCCAOM-approved CEUs as a PDF certificate. Your certificate will also then be available in your My Courses Page.

If you’re having trouble accessing or completing your CEU courses, please contact us, offerings@acupresence.com.

Thank you for welcoming AcuPresence into your life and taking Online Courses with us!

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