Jan 23

Article about Human Design by Lynette Hagins

Human Design: Were We Coded at Birth?

Human Design: Were We Coded at Birth?

Imagine a system that explains how you were built, and how to best respond to the world—like a combination between astrology and Myers-Briggs. It’s called Human Design, and its creation story is one for the ages: In short, Ra Uru Hu (née Alan Krakower), a former advertising executive and magazine publisher, had an eight-day visitation in the ’80s with a “Voice,” who dictated a mechanical system that’s literally a four-hundred-page textbook for how we all work, as defined by our time and place of birth. While it sounds nuts, when you actually generate your chart, you may be surprised by how much it sounds like you. While it’s easy to get a periphery understanding from Ra Uru Hu’s official site (it’s run by his family, as he passed away in 2011), you can also load up the talking Bodygraph here, or book a reading with a certified analyst. Speaking of certified analysts, we asked Lynette Hagins, who teaches Human Design and gives readings herself, to explain how it works.

A Q&A with Lynette Hagins