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AcuPresence 64 Sacred Site Card Deck and Guidebook

We are delighted to introduce a beautiful new Acupresence Card Deck and full-color Guidebook.

The 64 Sacred Sites Card deck this transformative healing art in an easy and digestible way for anyone and everyone to use daily.

The AcuPresence 64 Sacred Sites Card Deck is an invitation to build a relationship

with the life force or soul essence that runs through us by tapping into the innate intelligence of the body’s energy system. We can come home to the sacredness of our body through a healing experience of self-love.

There are sacred places on the earth, located along energy gridlines of the planet, that ground the higher frequencies of the cosmos.  Likewise, the acupuncture points are Sacred Sites along the meridians, the energy pathways of the spirit in the body.

Love is the vibrational frequency of the universe; it is the essence of our soul, our divinity within, our life force or Qi. The Sacred Sites are portals to accessing this essence within our physical body.

The ancient divination system of the I Ching charts the seasons, the cycles of life, and the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. It maps out this information in 64 hexagrams, archetypal symbols of human experience, relationship, and destiny.

AcuPresence takes us to the Sacred Sites of the I Ching hexagrams in our body.

Each hexagram corresponds with acupuncture points in the body. The hexagrams are a map of the genetic code of our body’s DNA. There are 6 Acupoints associated with each hexagram. One of these Acupoints has been carefully selected as the Sacred Site card to represent each of the 64 hexagrams.


“Alaya has brought alive an ancient mystery in these cards – that the human body has its own secret geography, and that it contains universal powers and forces that can be awakened with nothing more that simple awareness. Try them for yourself, and you will experience the magic firsthand!”

     Richard Rudd, Author of the Gene Keys

Whats on the Cards?















What’s in the Guidebook?

Sacred Site Synopsis Page

There is a page for each card that lists the attributes of the Sacred Site. On this page you’ll find the following:

1. Sacred Site Card

2. Invocation to awaken the essence of the Sacred Site

3. Essence of the Sacred Site

4. Anatomical drawings of the Acupoint’s location

5. Instructions and link to video for locating the Sacred Site

6. Medicinal Virtues listing some key health benefits of the Sacred Site

7. Harmonizes: some of the conditions or imbalances that the Sacred Site addresses

8. I Ching Hexagram(s) associated with the Sacred Site



I Ching Keynote



There is a page for each card listing the keynotes for the Hexagram associated with the Sacred Site. This overview is given through the three lenses of the I Ching, the Gene Keys, and Human Design.

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