AcuPresence Handbooks

AcuPresence Handbook are acupuncture-based self-healing protocol designed to empower you to harmonize and resolve a condition of imbalance or stress, as well as to support and enhance total well-being.  

Delivered in beautiful 20-45 page booklets, a variety of Medicinal eBooks are available on topics addressing self-care,  prevention, or healing acute or chronic health challenges.

A Medicinal AcuPresence eBook is a personal tool for harnessing and utilizing the healing power of the acupuncture system within your body. Each protocol  gives an overview of a specific health concern, and features a carefully crafted set of 10 to 20 acupuncture points to choose from, which have proven effective over hundreds of years to harmonize this specific condition.

Acupoint Synopsis Page

Included in your eBook is an Acupoint Synopsis Page for each acupoint, packed with all the information you need in order to create your healing session, including the Medicinal Virtues and location of the acupoint on your body. You are also given an Invocation which delivers the essential frequency of the acupoint deeply into your bodymind.

You are guided in choosing the acupoints that can best serve you in this moment, and suggestions are made for how you might incorporate the healing protocol into your life. Attunement directions and session guidelines are provided.

Instruction Manual

AcuPresence Protocol Handbooks are used in companionship with the AcuPresence Instruction Manual, available as a free download at

This manual  provides simple, clear instructions on how to best implement the vibrational, self-healing Art of AcuPresence in your life.