AcuPresence Attunements


AcuPresence addresses your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health needs of the moment.

Easily accessible, empowering, and effective, AcuPresence supports your everyday well-being by supplying specific self-healing protocols or sets of acupoints which can restore and enhance your natural state of vitality and thriving.

AcuPresence looks at all aspects of your being with the intent to bring your whole self into balance and harmony.

There are sets of points for preventive self-care or to strengthen the spirit. There are also protocols that provide more specific medicinal benefits, such as strengthening the immune system, harmonizing emotional stresses, balancing hormones, and relieving headaches, to name a few.

For more personalized support, a protocol can be designed specifically for you by an AcuPresence Practitioner via a consultation. You will be provided with your unique set of acupoints and attunement guidelines.