Private Sessions with Alaya DeNoelles are currently available in Ashland, Oregon

What is a In Person I Ching AcuPresence Session?

I Ching AcuPresence is an invitation to awaken and align with your divine blueprint. It goes beyond the mind and directly to the innate intelligence of the body’s energy system, inviting you to come back into resonance with your pure original nature.

Sessions begin with an introduction and overview of your unique Gene Key Hologenetic Profile

The protocol for a session is determined by the date, time and place of your birth. This data reveals the DNA encoded I Ching Hexagram to be addressed in your session. Most commonly, in your first treatment it will be the Gene Key associated with your Life’s Work or your Core Wound.

After a short intake the six associated acupuncture points are activated with one or more methods. Activation methods include tuning forks, AcuPresence tools, moxabustion, crystals, self-adhesive attunement seeds, crystal bowls, etc. Needles are optional for licensed acupuncturists only.

In your relaxed inner state, you are then guided in collaboration with your practitioner to attune with the acupoints to release their higher resonance, inviting denser vibrations of stuck qi to harmonize with these higher frequencies. Deep relaxation occurs.

Sessions are similar to acupuncture treatments, often ending with energy work and lasting about 60 minutes.

The deeper levels of transformation initiated during a session will continue to occur in the days or months to follow as you deepen your relationship with your personal set of acupoints through presence and attunement.

Handouts are provided with all the information you need to continue working with the acupuncture points activated during your sessions.

Cost: $90  hour

Sessions range from 60-90 minutes.

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