It was during my journey on my Gene Keys Golden Path several years ago that the inspirational whispers over many years finally crystalized and I began writing AcuPresence®, A Vibrational Healing Art. AcuPresence is a transformative healing art based on the tradition of Classical Acupuncture, the spiritual essence of acupuncture points and the universal principle that everything is vibration. A founding premise of AcuPresence is that everything begins as frequency and we are composed of frequency. AcuPresence works by attunement to this frequency via our acupuncture points.

There is a branch of this vibrational healing art that I’m very excited to share with our Gene Key Community, I Ching AcuPresence.


As a Classical Five Element Acupuncturist I have a deep a passion for what’s known as the “Spirit of the Point,” the pure essence of an acupuncture point released into the body when its activated. I believe the heart of ancient acupuncture is the vibrational healing power of the spirit of points.

I became interested in working with the spirit of the points in relationship to Human Design over ten years ago. My experimentation developed further when I was introduced to the Gene Keys in 2011. I dove deeply into this transmission, and started picking out points that I felt related to the I Ching hexagrams most prominent in my patients’ Gene Keys Golden Path.

In the course of hundreds of hours of playing with how points aligned with hexagrams, I discovered a geometric formula for how points matched up with hexagrams based on their elemental components. This gave birth to I Ching AcuPresence®.

The ancient oracle of the I Ching charts the seasons, the five elements, and the cycles of life; it maps out this information in hexagrams. The binary mathematical code of the makeup of these hexagrams is essentially identical to the genetic code of life reflected in our DNA that’s mapped into our body at the moment of birth. This hexagram map of the five elements encoded within our body is easily accessible via the energy meridian system and acupuncture points.

I Ching AcuPresence Acupoints

Each I Ching hexagram is comprised of two trigrams, each representing one of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The AcuPresence points are constitutional to each hexagram, meaning that they address the relationship of the two elements that constitute the hexagram. There are several methodologies and formulas used in the specific selection of Acupoints constitutionally related to the I Ching hexagrams. For example, if the hexagram is comprised of an earth trigram and a water trigram, then each constitutional acupoint will be either an earth or a water acupoint, depending on the hexagram’s makeup.


Each of the 12 principal meridians is associated with an element and also contains points related to each of the five elements. For example, on a fire meridian, there is a fire, wood, earth, metal and water point. Further, each trigram is either yin or yang in nature. This determines whether a yin or yang meridian is chosen.

Above is an example: hexagram 28 is metal over wood.

The top trigram is metal and the bottom trigram is wood. In this situation, the source point is the wood point on the metal meridian. Because the upper trigram in hexagram 28 is yin in nature, the yin organ, the lung, is indicated. Since the bottom trigram is wood, the wood point on the lung meridian is chosen, which is Crooked Pond, Lung 11. Each of the following Acupoint categories supports a specific aspect of your human makeup. There is a set of 6 acupoints for each I Ching hexagram.

Source Acupoint

This is the point holds the highest concentration of Qi available for the hexagram. If you were to attune to only one point, you would most likely choose this one.

Core Stability Acupoint

The Core Points ground and root you and provide a profound connection to your deep core, and alignment with your inner purpose.

Spirit Acupoint

Spirit Points call up the deepest reserves of nourishing spiritual Qi and serve to maintain balance and harmony between yin and yang.

Vesica Acupoint

The Vesica Point balances the yin and yang of two opposite hexagrams. This is the Source Point for a hexagram’s Programming Partner, the hexagram that is its mirrored opposite.

Window to Heaven Acupoint

Presencing a Window to Heaven Point is like opening a window or skylight in a dark, closed room to let in light, fresh air and new vision. They harmonize the relationship between the heart and mind.

Physiology Acupoint

Every hexagram is connected to an organ, nerve cluster, structure, or function in the body. The Physiology Point directly influences how this body part, system, or anatomical process functions.

I Ching AcuPresence Protocols

There is a corresponding I Ching AcuPresence Handbook for each of the 64 hexagrams. These handbooks are available as 21 page eBook publications. The overview keynotes of each hexagram are given through the lens of each of the following three approaches: The I Ching Hexagram, The Gene Keys and Human Design. You are also given the set of Acupoint Synopsis Pages for the 6 Acupoints associated with the hexagram. We’ve also just created a Summary Handbook of all 64 for easy reference for those incorporating I Ching AcuPresence into their Professional and Healing Art Practices for easier reference.

You can download a free sample Handbook here, along with its free Instruction Manual. If you prefer an eBook for a different Gene Key, please email me @ and I’ll be happy to gift it to you!

I Ching AcuPresence Live and E-Learning Courses

A founding inspiration behind AcuPresence was to empower people to give themselves AcuPresence Sessions. It’s recently become very clear that people also want to receive and give others AcuPresence Sessions. Thus we’ve recently developed over 125 CEU hours of Accredited Courses to teach those inspired to do just that! It’s very exciting to witness this passion. Several live trainings are scheduled with the E-Learning courses launching in March.

Richard Rudd has been an amazing support during my process with this transmission. He very graciously wrote the foreword to AcuPresence. Following are a few excerpts:

…Alaya has combined one of the most powerful and tested healing systems in the world—Classical Chinese Medicine, with the spiritual practice of contemplation. …  I encourage readers to follow Alaya’s elegant guidance to trust in their own intuition and chose one or two AcuPresence points to begin with and then bring all your listening intention into those points. I have found the results to be quick and powerful…  If you take it all the way, you will even activate those ‘Siddhis’—the expressions of pure love…  above all I encourage you to enter this new yet ancient field of AcuPresence with a spirit of commitment and play…

AcuPresence is a living and evolving healing art that is constantly expanding and growing. My prayer is that it flows organically and freely to all who may benefit from receiving its loving quintessence. You can learn more at

Please enjoy and let me know if I can support your journey in any way!

With Love, Alaya


Alaya DeNoyelles


As a Classical Five Element Acupuncturist, Alaya’s expertise and passion is in working with the “Spirit of the Points,” the unique vibrational signature of acupuncture points.


Her desire to understand and reveal the connection between the I Ching Hexagrams/Gene Keys and the “Sacred Sites” of acupuncture points over the last 12 years has been an integral part of her journey, leading her to recently author and publish AcuPresence®, A Vibrational Healing Art and launch I Ching AcuPresence®  into the world.


AcuPresence is the culmination of her inspiration to empower people to utilize the essence of acupuncture as a vibrational medicine and to return the simplicity and beauty of acupuncture to the world.

Her hope is that it supports a deepened embodiment of awakened presence on our beloved planet. You can learn more about Alaya and her work at