I Ching AcuPresence

What is I Ching AcuPresence?

I Ching AcuPresence® is a contemplative healing practice that serves as a doorway to transforming your DNA and supporting your path of awakening. It empowers you to practice the alchemy of using acupuncture in conjunction with the esoteric sciences of the I Ching, Gene Keys, and Human Design. It teaches which acupuncture points are related to an individual’s DNA as determined by their birth data.

I Ching AcuPresence is an invitation to awaken and align with your divine blueprint. It goes beyond the mind and directly to the innate intelligence of the body’s energy system, inviting you to come back into resonance with your pure original nature.

How are acupuncture points connected to my DNA?

The ancient oracle of the I Ching charts the seasons, the five elements, and the cycles of life; it maps out this information in hexagrams. The binary mathematical code of the makeup of these hexagrams is essentially identical to the genetic code of life reflected in the DNA mapped into our body at the moment of birth. This hexagram map of the five elements encoded within our body is easily accessible via the energy meridian system and specific acupuncture points which are directly related to each of the 64 I Ching Hexagrams.

There are six acupuncture points that are directly linked to each hexagram. These six associated acupoints address your well being on all levels, from strengthening your connection to spirit,  harmonizing your physiology and connecting to the higher frequencies of your DNA. You can learn more about these point categories below.

What is an I Ching AcuPresence® Attunement Session?

A Session can be a self-healing experience or collaboration between a practitioner and client. The deeper levels of transformation initiated during a session will continue to occur in the days or months to follow as you deepen your relationship with your personal set of acupoints through presence and attunement.

You can learn more about Sessions HERE.

Gene Keys

Some of the major inspiration behind the inception of AcuPresence comes from the modern mystical sciences of the Gene Keys and the discovery of how the geometry of the hexagrams, the acupoints, and the DNA codes match up.

This brilliant body of work, developed by Richard Rudd, is a universal inner language whose central purpose is to awaken you to your highest purpose in life, which exists as a code embedded within your physical DNA.

I Ching AcuPresence is a great complement to this transformational work, which is delivered in the best-selling book, The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd.

Golden Path

The Golden Path Profile outlines a journey of awakening based on your moment of birth. You can explore the genetic code of your DNA, and contemplate each I Ching hexagram in your unique makeup by embracing its shadow, releasing its gift, and embodying its siddhis highest potential.

The Golden Path uses a combination of I-Ching lines and Gene Keys to create a ‘Hologenetic Profile.’ This profile leads you through consecutive insights about your life purpose, relationships, and prosperity.

I Ching AcuPresence offers the specific sets of points and protocols unique to your profile, to support your Golden Path journey.

Human Design

Another way to utilize the transformative tool of I Ching AcuPresence is in conjunction with the Human Design System developed by Ra Uru Hu. Called the Science of Differentiation, it shows each of us our own authentic unique design and how to live in correct alignment with it. Human Design is a synthesis of several ancient systems, integrating aspects of the I Ching, Astrology, Chakras, and the Kabbalah. It represents a map of human consciousness that links these old wisdom traditions to contemporary thought, particularly to our modern understanding of genetics.

A design chart (BodyGraph) is drawn up from your birth data, providing you with a genetic map, a blueprint for your life journey. I Ching AcuPresence points that correspond to the hexagrams in your BodyGraph can be chosen to support you in living your design.

I Ching AcuPresence Acupoints

Each I Ching hexagram is comprised of two trigrams, each representing one of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The AcuPresence points are constitutional to each hexagram, meaning that they address the relationship of the two elements that constitute the hexagram.

There are several methodologies and formulas used in the specific selection of Acupoints constitutionally related to the I Ching hexagrams.

For example, if the hexagram is comprised of an earth trigram and a water trigram, then each constitutional acupoint will be either an earth or a water acupoint, depending on the hexagram’s makeup.

Each of the 12 principal meridians is associated with an element and also contains points related to each of the five elements. For example, on a fire meridian, there is a fire, wood, earth, metal and water point.

Further, each trigram is either yin or yang in nature. This determines whether a yin or yang meridian is chosen.

Here is an example: hexagram 28 is metal over wood. The top trigram is metal and the bottom trigram is wood. In this situation, the source point is the wood point on the metal meridian. Because the upper trigram in hexagram 28 is yin in nature, the yin organ, the lung, is indicated. Since the bottom trigram is wood, the wood point on the lung meridian is chosen, which is lung 11.

Each of the following Acupoint categories supports a specific aspect of your human makeup. There is a set of 6 acupoints for each I Ching hexagram. Following are the 6 acupoint categories.

Source Acupoint

This is the point on a given meridian that will affect it the most. It holds the highest concentration of Qi available for the hexagram. If you were to attune to only one point, you would most likely choose this one.

All Source Points are located on the lower part of the body’s limbs, the arms and legs. In Five Element Acupuncture, they are called Command Points because, when activated, they serve as a command, summoning maximum revitalization to the energy meridian.

Core Acupoint

When the core is strong, everything else is well supported. The Core Points ground and root you comfortably in the physical body. They provide a profound connection to your deep core, and alignment with your inner purpose.

These points are located on the core or torso of the body. They bring a sense of grounded strength and harmonious equilibrium.

Spirit Acupoint

These are the most powerful, effective points for revitalizing and strengthening your spirit. When the connection to spirit is vibrant, all else follows. The foundation of connection to your spirit is of paramount importance to your well-being.

Located on the Kidney meridian, Spirit Points are associated with the water element. They are positioned on the upper chest, over the heart, which is associated with the element of fire. Consequently, these points intimately and alchemically address the relationship between water and fire, considered the first two elements of creation, or yin and yang.

Spirit Points call up the deepest reserves of nourishing spiritual Qi and serve to maintain balance and harmony between yin and yang.

Vesica Acupoint

The Vesica Point balances the yin and yang of two opposite hexagrams. This is the Source Point for a hexagram’s Programming Partner, the hexagram that is its mirrored opposite. One is more yang, the other more yin. The two polarities yearn to be unified, and this union forms the sacred geometrical Mother of Life symbol, the Vesica Piscis.

All opposites are irrevocably linked. When they come together, a pure harmonic is created that erases their difference, inviting them to rise to a higher frequency than they had access to individually. Now they can feel their true wholeness.

Window to Heaven Acupoint

Presencing a Window to Heaven Point is like opening a window or skylight in a dark, closed room to let in light and fresh air.

Suddenly you see the beauty of the world, realize the magnificence of your own life, and can feel your universal connection to the Tao. Your inner vision clears and opens.

Ancient Chinese medicine identified the heart, not the brain, as the official in charge of our intelligence. Window to Heaven points harmonize the relationship between the heart and mind, balancing the heart’s intuitive nature with the mind’s linear rationality.

Best used in conjunction with the constitutional Source Point, Window to Heaven points are to be activated only on a person who is already strong, balanced, and ready for new vision. Most of these points are located on the neck.

Physiology Acupoint

Every hexagram is connected to an organ, nerve cluster, structure, or function in the body. The Physiology Point directly influences how this body part, system, or anatomical process functions. This point invites the conscious and unconscious physical aspects associated with the DNA of this hexagram to harmonize.