AcuPresence Healing Protocols

There are two doorways through which to enter AcuPresence. Both are portals to transformation and healing.



AcuPresence addresses your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health needs of the current moment. In keeping with the lineage of Classical Chinese Medicine and the foundational principals of AcuPresence, it offers healing on the vibrational level, where imbalance begins.

Easily accessible, empowering, and effective, AcuPresence supports your everyday well-being by supplying specific self-healing protocols or sets of acupoints which can restore and enhance your natural state of vitality and thriving.

I Ching AcuPresence


AcuPresence and the I Ching Healing Attunements support your realignment with your soul’s original impulse and the realization of your full potential in this life.In conjunction with the ancient oracle of the I Ching, the Book of Changes, this branch of AcuPresence offers 64 Handbook  publications that deliver comprehensive overviews of the 64 I Ching hexagrams as well as their corresponding sets of acupoints.

Through the esoteric sciences of the I Ching, Gene Keys and Human Design, I Ching AcuPresence is a doorway to transforming your DNA and supporting your path of awakening.