The Orchestra of Our Being

Everything is vibration. We aren’t made of static, solid particles, but are actually composed mostly of open space through which waves of frequency are perpetually moving.

We are each a unique and constantly changing array of vibrational frequencies that are distinctly our own. These specific vibrational signatures manifest the current state of our individual reality. We choose in every moment, consciously or unconsciously through what we are thinking and feeling, what vibratory frequency we will experience in our body, and thus create in our life.

We vibrate like the music of the spheres. The body is like an orchestra. Each instrument’s full expression contributes to a beautiful song.

The conductor of the orchestra makes sure all the instruments are playing in harmony and in time with one another. The meridians are like the sections of the orchestra, each one responsible for a part of the whole sound. If any instrument is out of tune or playing faster or slower than the others, there is dissonance in the entire symphony.

Sympathetic Resonance

When we, like the conductor, listen to the orchestra of our being, we can hear when one instrument goes off key as well as when it comes back into resonance with the rest of the orchestra. This re-harmonizing is called sympathetic resonance.

When several objects of similar frequency are close together, they affect each other. Sympathetic resonance is the unison that occurs when neighboring vibrations of similar frequency respond to one another. This happens with individuals, musical instruments and in nature; any two or more vibrating masses of atoms and molecules.

Let’s say there are two tuning forks tuned to the same note. We strike one of them. It vibrates with a pure, clear sound. The second fork, because it is near the first, begins vibrating on precisely the same note. This happens because the energy waves (sound waves) from the fork that was struck traveled through the air and activated the second fork. The second fork came into sympathetic resonance with the first.

Another example is when a young mother’s 2-year-
old child gets frustrated and starts crying and throwing a tantrum. There are two options for sympathetic resonance to be demonstrated here. One, the mother can stay relaxed and keep her tuning fork of presence calm and loving, and eventually the child will relax and come into resonance with her peaceful state.

Alternatively, the mother might not be able to stay calm and hold loving awareness of the child. She could go into resonance with the agitation of the frustrated child, and then you have double frustration, and escalated distress.

We go for a hike to allow our own vibration to entrain with the quiet, peaceful, vibrant frequency of Nature. We go to a sacred site such as a cathedral or temple, and tune into its elevated, sanctified vibration.

Love is Our Essence

Love is a name for the vibrational frequency of the universe, the fabric that binds us together, individually as well as collectively. It’s the holographic web that connects all of creation, the generating pulse, the hum, the rhythm of life.

This frequency we call Love is the essence of our soul, our divinity within, our life force or Qi.

We can feel when our body or emotions are out of balance. The frequency is denser, weaker, more sluggish, stagnant, tense, short-circuited or overwhelmed.

Our Qi is not flowing as freely and powerfully as it naturally wants to. It’s blocked. We might call this “stuck love.”

AcuPresence is the art of bringing our “stuck love” back into free flow, restoring our Qi to its natural, fully alive frequency.