Acupoints: The Sacred Sites

The macrocosm of the great web of life is mapped into the microcosm of the body. Acupoints are the sacred sites located along the meridian highways that carry life energy through the body’s kingdom.

Just as the earth’s landscape is abundant with streams, valleys, ponds, seas, rivers, and springs, so is the landscape of our body. We also find palaces, sacred gates, courtyards and burial grounds upon our geography. Many of the acupoints are named after these sacred sites, such as Heavenly Palace on the Lung Meridian, Sea of Qi on the Conception Vessel, Spirit Storehouse on the Kidney Meridian, and Palace of Weariness on the Heart Protector Meridian.

An acupoint represents a specific facet of how the Tao (universal flow of life) expresses itself in a human being. Each point carries a unique vibrational signature. The imagery of ancient Chinese medicine describes each acupoint as a mythological archetype, symbolized by a pictographic Chinese character which illustrates the name and the spirit of the point.

As the physical containers of our highest vibrational frequency, acupoints are the key to our power to heal ourselves.