Sustainable Ecosystem

Your body is made of the earth. And like the earth, your body is a sustainable ecosystem; containing everything it needs for life to flourish. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm, totally whole and complete.

The elements and seasons dance within you, always sharing their gifts and moving toward balance. Like the landscape of nature, the environment within you is a grid of sacred sites; portals for transformation and regeneration.

AcuPresence invites you to create a relationship with your acupoints, attune to them, and benefit from their healing powers. Look within. You can communicate with your inner orchestra, hear any instruments that are out of tune, and restore harmony by coming into resonance with the pure frequencies singing in your acupoints.

AcuPresence shows you how to feel for imbalances and where to go in your elemental landscape when you need nourishment, stamina, inspiration, purpose, vision, joy, love, or to let go.