Classical Chinese Medicine

AcuPresence comes from the lineage of Classical Chinese Medicine, founded on the ancient Taoist medical texts of China, written as early as 3,000 years ago. Much of the classical information has been lost or discarded over the millennia, as China has undergone many cultural and political upheavals. With the rise of Confucianism in the 11th century BCE, the old Taoist ideas and medical texts were banned or destroyed, and again in the 19th century with the Cultural Revolution.

With the introduction of Western medicine into China, the Chinese attempted to westernize Chinese medicine. What is taught in China today, and in most acupuncture schools in the world, is the modernized version of Chinese medicine as it has evolved in China throughout these periods of immense change. Much of the original information on the art of acupuncture has been lost to modern China. Therefore, many Chinese medicine schools teach something called Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, which uses point protocols differently than Classical Five Element Acupuncture.