An AcuPresence Attunement is deepened by using an Invocation. There is an Invocation for each acupoint.

An Invocation is a statement that invokes the quintessence of the highest frequency of an acupoint. When spoken, it releases this higher note or song into your body and consciousness and calls you into resonance with it.

An Invocation is an intention, a prayer, that goes beyond the mind and directly accesses the essence of an acupoint, infusing its coherent vibration into the body, inviting any compromised frequency to soften, relax, and return to its original, vibrant, free state.

You can memorize an invocation, keep it with you, or post it in a place where you will see it often. To deeply receive the transformative medicine of the point, repeat and tune into the Invocation while touching the acupoints again throughout the day or week. This awakens the frequency of the acupoint in your consciousness and body.

There are two ways to use Invocations when you’re working with more than one acupoint at a time. The first is to write out the Invocation for each acupoint.

An Example Set of Invocations

At Amidst Elegance (KI.26), I respect the beauty and grace within me, and behold the rich splendor of my life.

In the Sea of Qi (CV.6), I bathe in a vast reservoir of abundant Qi and am re-energized with a surge of vitality.

At Leg Three Miles (ST.36), I am grounded, stable, and empowered with the stillness and stamina to fulfill my life’s purpose.

In the Palace of Weariness (HP.8), I am revived and nourished in every cell of my body, and my heart sings with love and joy.

Storyline Invocation

The second way to use invocations is to write a Storyline Invocation. A Storyline Invocation is created by selecting a few words or a phrase from each Invocation and weaving them together in a pleasing way that resonates and speaks to you.

Your Storyline Invocation serves as a powerful, inspiring statement that combines the quintessence of the acupoints you are working with. You can memorize and repeat it to yourself like a mantra, reaffirming your healing story throughout the day.

An Example Storyline Invocation

I am re-energized with a surge of vitality (CV.6) as I behold the rich splendor of my life (KI.26) and am empowered to fulfill my life’s purpose (ST.36) as my heart sings with love and joy (HP.8).

Using an invocation is an opportunity to touch and commune with the sacred sites on your body. By touching them, you learn where they are, develop a relationship with their divine nature, and receive their blessing.