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The Sacred Site (Acupoint)  Synopsis Page

In order to attune with an acupoint, you need to know where it is located, what its unique frequency is, and the essence of what its medicinal virtues are. This information is found on the Acupoint Sacred Site Synopsis Page.

108 acupoints have been carefully selected for their applicability to AcuPresence. An Acupoint Synopsis Page has been created for each acupoint.

Following is one example of an Acupoint Sacred Site Page, which contains all the information you need about an acupoint in order to do an AcuPresence Attunement Session.

Sacred Site (Acupoint) Name

First you see the name and abbreviation of the meridian and the number indicating the acupoints location. Below that is the traditional name of the acupoint.


An invocation is a statement that invokes the highest frequency of the acupoint. When spoken, it continually releases this higher note or song into your body and consciousness in order to come into resonance with it.

Essence of the Acupoint

The Essence or Spirit of the acupoint is the heart of what AcuPresence is all about. It’s the core foundation, the magic.

This unique vibrational signature, the spiritual essence of the acupoint, is encoded within the original pictographic Chinese character telling the story of the Acupoint. Often the name of the point reflects a spiritual quality or function. These meanings are not found in the typical modern TCM systems of acupuncture, however in Classical Five Element Acupuncture they are considered vital in understanding the functional healing role of the acupoint.

The most important part of the AcuPresence attunement is to read and fully contemplate the Essence of the Point. This is where your relationship with the sacred sites begins.

Acupoint Location

Anatomical drawings as well as written instructions for locating the acupoint are given.

Medicinal Virtues

Some of the key benefits of the acupoint are summarized. “Harmonizes” lists some of the conditions or imbalances which the point addresses.

I Ching Hexagram(s)

This is a list of the I Ching Hexagrams that are constitutionally associated with the acupoint.

The image below is an example of an Acupoints Synopsis Page.