The Art of AcuPresence

The Healing Art of AcuPresence is the practice of attuning to acupuncture points and their unique frequency’s. It is partially actualized through attunement to acupoints. Attunement is the activity of Presencing: bringing our presence fully into the moment and attuning to our own highest vibration. We awaken the full potential of our Qi, our life force, our Divinity.

AcuPresence Attunement

We use the tool of our consciousness to release a specific invocation (intention or prayer) into our body. This directly accesses the point that will unlock our “stuck love,” inviting any compromised frequency to soften, relax, and return to its original, vibrant, coherent state.

We can create a quick morning ritual by intentionally tuning in with ourselves and nurturing our life force before we start the day. Or we might end the day with an attunement for integration, closure, and deep, regenerative rest. We can also pause throughout the day, like stopping at sacred sites along a journey to refuel, realign with our purpose, or check in: how is our body feeling? What is it asking for?

The Attunement Journey

Attunement is like an excursion along the meridian roadways through the mystical inner landscape of your body.

As you travel, you can stop any time to refresh and rejuvenate at rest stops,and sacred sites that inspire you. These are the acupoints along your energy meridians.

Each meridian has a specific function and purpose. For example, the Heart Meridian, like the Dalai Lama, is in charge of governing the community and sharing the wisdom of love and harmony. If you’re feeling isolated, abandoned, or unlovable, you might stop at the sacred site named Utmost Source to feel the radiance of Oneness and peace warming your heart.

If you’re struggling emotionally about something that happened in the past, you might stop at Joining of the Valleys, on the Large Intestine Meridian, to help you let go of the old that is no longer serving you as you open to new inspiration in your life.

If your immune system is depleted, you might stop at Yin Mound Spring on the Spleen Meridian to drink from the sacred waters and feel your lymphatic system growing strong and revitalized.

If you’re not feeling balanced, centered, and comfortable with your body, you can visit Utmost Middle on the Conception Vessel Meridian and connect with your inner core to stabilize, align, and ground you in your deep, nourishing yin essence.

This journey of loving communion with your body is the heart of AcuPresence. The healing art of self-love can be woven into your daily life, moment to moment.