“AcuPresence is an invitation to a remarkable inner odyssey. It is nothing short of a Healing Revolution within. Alaya skillfully teaches you how to enter the essence of each acupuncture point in a way that empowers self-healing by merging your awareness with timeless, potent vitality. It is a meditation embodied in self-care

~ Terri Nash, Kauai

“Alaya has done a remarkable thing in this book – she has combined one of the most powerful and tested healing systems in the world – Classical Chinese Medicine, with the spiritual practice of contemplation. In  the Gene Keys I teach contemplation, which is the art of cultivating the power of presence. I encourage readers to follow Alaya’s elegant guidance and choose one or two AcuPresence points to begin with. I have found the results to be quick and powerful. Step through the portal of AcuPresence – the miracle of self-healing is in your hands.”

~ Richard Rudd, England

“There is much soul-healing needed in the world today. This book helps make an ancient and powerful medicine accessible to all. Beautiful descriptions of the spirit of the points show how they provide sustenance and support for finding our path and enlivening our own bodies and spirits. With AcuPresence, Alaya makes an innovative and important step in the evolution of this medicine.”

~ Doren Day, L.Ac., Philadelphia

“As I practice AcuPresence, I am continuously finding that painful situations, insurmountable obstacles, offenses, and disconnections in my life resolve into bliss…. without me doing anything or saying anything to anyone! In my private consultation with Alaya, I received my own precise set of acupoints. Working with them daily is like having a love affair with my own life. I feel connected to my source, on my clear path, and able to love myself in a friendly, unconditional way that I had never experienced before.”

~ Brittany Heady, California

“I began working with Alaya 15 years ago. Over the years, my interest and curiosity grew for Five Element Acupuncture. I began to relate differently to life, now seeing everything in the context of the five elements. And time and time again, I was shown the potency of opening to the energy meridians. My entire being has blossomed on all dimensions. Consistently working with the points and gaining awareness of the flow of Qi through my being has been an integral part of my healing journey. The beauty of AcuPresence is that it takes an age-old traditional medicine and makes it accessible for me to work with daily. AcuPresence translates the magic of Alaya’s brilliance and her acupuncture needles into a self-empowered practice. Thank you!”

~ Kirsten Jackson, Hawaii

Having received acupuncture treatments from Alaya DeNoyelles for over a decade, I experienced real transformation, positive change, and deepened connection with myself through Alaya’s work with the Spirit of the Points. Now I can give myself the same gift. Through AcuPresence, I have become a practitioner myself, able to turn within to my own toolbox of acupoints. I can replenish my spirit at Spirit Storehouse and nourish myself with the fountain of life at Bubbling Spring. I am excited to be empowered with my own relationship to the Spirit of the Points.

~ Jeannie K, Hawaii

AcuPresence is a gift each time I use it. It supplies a format for me to be with myself, without distractions. It allows me to bring myself self-love and self-healing in a simple, yet profound way. In the mornings when I arise, I look forward to doing my points and the healing affirmations. I find a peaceful calm comes over me when I apply this tool of self love and healing. Such a gift to myself and a brilliant way to start the day.

~ Juliette L., Oregon