We are delighted to introduce a beautiful new AcuPresence 64 Sacred Sites Card Deck and full-color Guidebook!

The 64 Sacred Sites Card Deck is an invitation to come home to your own divine nature, your Sovereignty through the Self-Healing Art of AcuPresence. It delivers the quintessence of AcuPresence in an easy and digestible way for anyone and everyone to use daily.

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AcuPresence® eLearning Courses

AcuPresence® is excited to announce the launch of our new CEU/PDA and non-CEU eLearning courses, inviting you to learn about and experience AcuPresence® teachings in the comfort of your own home. Certificates are awarded for CEU/PDA’s and Non CEU courses. MORE…

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There are many ways to learn about, integrate, and incorporate AcuPresence into your personal as well as your professional life. Free Downloads, Starter Kits, eLearning Courses, Books, Products and much more. EXPLORE…

What is I Ching AcuPresence?

I Ching AcuPresence is a  new contemplative healing practice that serves as a doorway to transforming your DNA and supporting your path of awakening. It works in conjunction with the I Ching, the Gene Keys and Human Design.

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Acupoint Synopsis Page

In order to attune with an acupoint, you need to know where it is located, what its unique frequency is, and the essence of what its medicinal virtues are. This information is found on the Acupoint Synopsis Page.

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